John P. Roche is an author and science writer with a Ph.D. in the life sciences and a dedication to crafting compelling narratives. He enjoys writing both non-fiction and fiction that explores topics and issues of interest to readers.
Dr. Roche has published over 180 technical and popular articles; authored books; and served as founder and editor-in-chief of university research periodicals at Indiana University and Boston College. He also served as a science writer at Indiana University, as a senior scientific writer at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and as a senior scientist and adjunct professor at Boston College. He has taught biology courses at three tier-one universities, developed concept-based curricula for college science departments and college-level textbooks, and directed numerous research projects.
In addition to being an author, Dr. Roche directs Science View Productions™, which provides science writing, editing, and consulting for scientific societies, publishers, businesses, researchers, and students. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Carbon Society, the American Chemical Society, the Animal Behavior Society the National Association of Science Writers, and Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society.

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